Meet the board
Danielle Leith

Danielle has been with KeelWorks since 2012, where she supported learning design and development for KeelWorks core competencies. Since then she has been a valuable member of the foundation's advisory committee. She brought leadership to foundation intern recruitment as our Intern Recruitment Coordinator. In this capacity she has developed recruitment strategy as well as recruitment marking and presentation. Her reliable and energetic participation means a great deal to the foundation. She is a model for the kind of support that makes a foundation effective.
In her "day" job, Danielle is a training and education associate providing instructional design for a Pittsburgh non-profit. She has a Bachelor of Science degree from Clarion University of Pennsylvania and a Master's degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Pittsburgh's Point Park University.

Dana E Smalley
Instructional Designer

She is an Instructional Designer in the Chicago area with a passion for learning, researching new things, and delivering information to learners. Dana believes learners learn through application and collaboration. She favors learning communities. Dana loves to create content that learners can easily absorb and quickly put into practice. Her interest in computer based online learning began with a godmother who was a software engineer and mathematician. Dana helped her godmother develop lessons for math software teaching learners math. This content served learners as young as three years old, beginning with basic math and progressed as far as Calculus. This taught her the power of online learning.

Working in the curriculum department for her local school district provides a wealth of knowledge about K-8 curriculum. For the past three years, she has worked with the KeelWorks foundation to expand and apply her master’s level instructional design learning. There, she has performed needs analysis, perfected her grasp on learning objectives, the chunking of learning, the crafting of learning strategies to match need, and content development both in written form, and in media. She loves that Instructional Design is both broad and diverse. It exposes her to diverse audiences, technologies, and business challenges; it continually broadens her knowledge. The diversity of skills required to meet needs is especially gratifying, from project management to writing copy and audio, to developing rollovers, simulations, video, audio, and scenarios with a wide array of development tools. She especially loves that creating learning continues to challenge her own comfort level, forcing her to explore new ground with every new project.

Randy Austin-Cordova

Randy has more than 10 years experience in ISD. He started his career in biomedical communications and medical photography and remains one of the few board-certified medical photographers in North America. Randy changed his career focus in 1998 earning his Masters in Instructional Technology from Wayne State University. Randy's instructional practice spans the automotive, financial, healthcare and business spectrum. He is married with two grown children.
Randy took a leading role in the development of the Problem Solving core competency course. He served as a project lead, and he has taken a leading role in development and delivery of Dreamweaver training for KeelWorks interns. He has been closely involved since 2009.

Smitha Edulakanti

Dr. Edulakanti holds Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, India. She holds her Master’s degree in Electronics and Computer Technology and a Doctoral degree in Curriculum, Instruction and Media Technology from Indiana State University. In 2009 her doctoral research was published as a monograph titled “Developing, Implementing and Evaluating Computer-based Instruction.
Smitha joined KeelWorks in 2009 and has been instrumental in the formation of instructional design internships, process, templates, and team administration. Smitha is on sabbatical from active KeelWorks participation caring for her first child.

Thomas Garrod

Thomas brings 15 years organizational learning consulting and six years leading the KeelWorks foundation. With help and encouragement from Robert Buchinski, Thomas founded KeelWorks in 2008 applying his dream to enable upward mobility - especially for the economically disadvantaged
Once a high-school dropout with six small children, Thomas established the foundation to change outcomes for underachievers like himself. His passion has been overseeing development of foundation learning programs and especially instructional design. To this end, he as developed a comprehensive instructional design training program and mentored over 300 graduate instructional designers. He is fond of saying, "There are no stupid learners, there is only stupid learning expression." The foundation ISD program is a laboratory for process improvement and team development. Most board members came to KeelWorks for this program.
In his day job, Thomas is an organizational development consultant supporting learning program enhancement and employee engagement.

Sheat Isufi
Web Developer

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Charleen Moore

Charleen Moore is an Instructional Designer with 5+ years of experience. She is a stickler for designing and creating instructional materials that are firstmost accessible and grounded in instructional design theory. She is also a k-3 Substitute Teacher, loves reading, and watching movies. She has plans of creating a set of online courses, especially for educators.