Volunteer/Intern and KeelWorks

The KeelWorks dream requires product, but KeelWorks has no paid staff and no fund-raising. KeelWorks volunteers have needs as well. Some need a mission to support, others need experience to prove they can do the work they are trained to do. KeelWorks supports career growth for new and seasoned professionals; we have a role for everyone.

What's Special About Volunteering with KeelWorks?

KeelWorks provides process, guidelines, objective role criteria, and experience that will enhance your resume. Participation is accessible from any location with access to wide-band Internet. We have participants around the globe. We provide expert resume consulting and we support proven competence with enthusiastic references. KeelWorks is a good way to bridge the gap between education and employment.

Current Needs

  • Instructional Design
  • eLearning Developer
  • Fundraising Department Management
  • Grant Writing
  • Project Management
  • Creative Service Department Manager
  • Graphic Artist
  • Marketing Manager
  • Course Facilitation Manager
  • Course Facilitators
  • Public Relations Professional
  • Program Managementr
  • Program Coordinators/Admin Support

Internship Requirements

  • Minimum participation 3 hrs/wk (not including team meetings)
  • Study to support knowledge baseline (depending on role)
  • Weekly team contact
  • Process compliance and participation
  • Wide-band web connection (when needed, not necessarily on demand)
  • Good teaming and leadership skills.
  • Not required, but helpful: a gmail account.

How to apply

eMail thomas.garrod@keelworks.org explaining your interest and indicating the role. Include a copy of your latest resume, but don’t worry about polishing it.