Supporting The KeelWorks Foundation

Be A Part of Change

We have a sustainable life, with disposable income. We are in the lifeboat: they are without. Even if you lack compassion for others, consider sustainability of imbalance. The numbers splashing outside the boat grows larger every day. They are in unstable nations, they are in refugee camps, they are in war ravaged lands, they are in Los Angeles – on the street. They are people of color outside the white privilege umbrella, they have a history of incarceration, substance abuse, or are noticeably different. They lack skills, education, or other qualifications. They need a path to sustainability.

KeelWorks is building a structure providing a path to sustainability. We need your help.

We need to have services up and running by the end of 2022. We are halfway there, but we need to up our game. We are 100% volunteer now, but unpaid volunteers come and go, and we need a stable skeleton staff to complete our program. Once developed, our foundation will be self-sustaining. Can you help us get there?

Help us build hope for a sustainable future. Give till it hurts.