Frequently Asked Questions

Meaningful FAQs are built from the questions people ask. That is what we have here. Please email your questions and we will add them with answers to this.

This approach allows us to reach more in need. We believe we can do more and do it better this way. We also value face-to-face interactions, but we know this is expensive and would severely limit participation.

We will depend greatly on corporate sponsorships, donations, and grants.


We hear this question a lot. People think of this as a business. It isn’t, but we will answer the question anyway. The need for a comprehensive approach to under-achievement is everywhere. Every parent believes their child can do better, and in fact they can. Of much greater concern are the many bright students who for one reason and another fail. Some are more obvious failures than others. KeelWorks knows that some excellent students participate for grades rather than learning. We want to help these learners too. Many learners give up thinking there is no hope for change or success. We believe we can help these learners.

This is a good question. To date we’ve operated with volunteers and graduate interns. Progress has been unacceptably slow. We don’t have a fundraising department. We’ve always felt we needed product before could in good conscious ask for money. The foundation recognizes a need to pursue real fundraising.

The questions displayed are the most asked questions. If your question is not listed, please use this contact form. We will be happy, answering your questions.