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The KeelWorks Foundation

KeelWorks is a 501c3 charitable foundation dedicated to bringing as many as possible to share in the game of contributing and benefiting. We believe those who do not currently contribute are costing us in unrealized contributions. They would like to be contributing, and we can help them. Click here to learn more.

We hope to serve a wide range of audiences, including recovering addicts, felons, refugees, displaced homemakers, and individuals in endemically disadvantaged communities. The list of applicable audiences is endless. If they are excluded, we can change that. Click here to learn more.

The KeelWorks foundation supports change with assessment for special needs, small mutually supportive teams, core competency learning and development, databases with lessons learned for common needs like how to pick a school, get a scholarship, or find a job, and structure for long-term team persistence. Click here to learn more.

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