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About KeelWorks Our Mission Statement We support global economic equality at the individual level because this equality is a basis for a more peaceful and equitable world. We leverage full inclusion, core competence, and mutual support. While others feed, clothe, and house the hungry, the naked, and the homeless - today; we leverage full inclusion, mutual support, and competency development to empower the helpless of today to be the helpers of tomorrow.

KeelWorks has no religious or political affiliation. Learning requires perspective, and diversity breeds perspective. Rich and the poor, intellectually advantaged and intellectually challenged: every learner brings value.

KeelWorks.. Because, The world is full of people who could achieve, but do not. We have a recipe and a process to support change. KeelWorks can change the world by leveraging competency development, community support, and networked intelligence.
What We Believe

KeelWorks Foundation History KeelWorks was formed in the state of Washington (USA) on the 21st of December, 2008. KeelWorks has been supporting upward mobility for eight years. We have never charged a fee for service. Our volunteers are learning while developing the KeelWorks program. Short hours and changing participants yields glacial progress; we need to mature our fundraising to support professional development. We need volunteers to support fund raising.

Our Values

What's in a Name? The keel is the backbone and foundation of a ship and KeelWorks builds human foundations. The square-rigged ships of old lived and died on individual competence and team synergy. KeelWorks teams pull together. Together, we can do anything.

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