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About KeelWorks The Foundation KeelWorks was formed in the state of Washington (USA) on the 21st of December, 2008. The primary KeelWorks mission is to change the world by bringing everyone into the game. We do this by supporting individual core competencies and networked intelligence (the product of team problem-solving). Ultimately, if we are successful, we change outcomes. Nothing is impossible for those with competence and effort.

KeelWorks has no religious or political affiliation; we value diversity. Learning requires perspective, and diversity is the soul of perspective. Rich and the poor, intellectually advantaged and intellectually challenged: our participant teams have a place for every learner.

KeelWorks Because The world is full of people who could achieve, but do not. KeelWorks core competencies, like problem-solving and team-building, and our peer support model represent a recipe for change. This unique strategy can make a difference. It doesn't exist anywhere, and it won't - until we build it.
What We Believe Our Mission Statement We support a better world through core competencies and the power of networked intelligence: together, we can do anything. Our Values What's in a Name? The keel is the backbone and character of a ship and KeelWorks endeavors to hone a keel for everyone in the foundation: from participant to founder. Just as the sailing ships of the line depended on the competence and indomitable spirit of every man jack aboard, so a KeelWorks team needs to pull together to achieve.

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