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The KeelMID Program What is a KeelMid? KeelMid is a program in development, as are all KeelWorks programs (find out how you can help).
KeelMids are middle school or high-school age and nominated by participating local churches and service groups on the basis of potential for outstanding contribution to society. From a beginning rank of mid, each advances on the basis of competency and goal progress. Mids are assigned to a berth within mast and watch (three masts/three watches per ship).
Who is a KeelMid? KeelMids are individuals at risk of underachiement. Under-achievement has nothing to do with personal comparisons. It occurs in people who do not achieve to potential. indications of unmet potential. We are all underachievers in some way.

Candidates are not necessarily poor students. Some have top grades, but lack empathy or communication skills. Some are intellectually impaired but demonstrate indomitable spirit. Some are isolated from peers by their passion for learning. Some are academically inept but extraordinary in other ways, such as leadership. Every single one is gifted in one way and yet challenged in another, just like you and I. The important thing is that someone sees special potential in them.

Participating organizations understand that potential isn't defined by size, wealth, social standing, academic performance, or intellectual prowess. It is often found where it is least expected.
KeelMid berths are comprised of complementing strengths and weaknesses and maximum diversity (with exception to age).

The Program Phases
  1. Engagement (participant contract)
  2. Needs and strengths assessment
    • Screening for life/learning barriers.
    • Screening for access barriers.
    • Connection with needed support.
  3. Core competency learning (see KeelWorks Learning)
  4. Berth pursuit of goals (one to three year phase).
KeelMates hold each other accountable to competencies, foundation values, personal values, and personal goals. They know this mutual accountability is as important as any other form of mutual support.

Every berth nominates one teammate for a KeelMaster award. A KeelMaster embodies KeelWorks competencies and values, and is true to their personal goals.

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