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The KeelWorks Programs The foundation programs all involve foundational learning in a group setting. Teams collaborate asynchronously because access for low income across the world would be impossible. While our programs require maximum diversity to be most effective, we will not mix adolescents with older learners or adults. We will also have a separate program for special audiences such as individuals integrating back into the general population from justice, treatment, or military.

The Program Phases All KeelWorks programs apply the same structure and the same learning content. While the same content for such disparate groups seems impractical, our learning model makes this work by tasking learners to bring clarity and local context. Learners find deeper understanding and greater retention when they are more active in the learning process.

This outline applies to all KeelWorks programs.

  1. Engagement (participant contract)
  2. Needs and strengths assessment
    • Screening for life/learning barriers.
    • Screening for access barriers.
    • Connection with needed support.
  3. Core competency learning (see KeelWorks Learning)
  4. Berth pursuit of goals (one to three year phase).

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