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Supporting The KeelWorks Foundation Fundraising KeelWorks has long desired to avoid direct fundraising. KeelWorks has delivered intern training for instructional design, project management, and program management. Participants work mostly asynchronously on a teams to complete projects. This program has supported hundreds of graduates to gainful employment. We've supported job development with resume and career search support. We've helped interns learn instructional design process and employ software tools. Many an intern has found work after extended unemployment. The only downside is that they tend to leave after finding a job.

The founder and director has worked since inception without pay. Department heads typically work for up to two years. Yet the constant turn-over of staff presents a challenge that only a stable cadre can support. Given our desire to change longstanding patterns of exclusion, we also need to fundraising to support participants with special needs.

This page is a first step. Please give generously.


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