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The KeelWorks Foundation What's better than giving fish to the hungry?How about a fishing rod and a well-stocked fishing hole? The KeelWorks Foundation strives to enable and empower the disenfranchised and the economically disadvantaged. We doesn't fault help the needy, we just want to help them help themselves. We believe the best way is to support change is through competency development and community support. The KeelWorks foundation needs your help to make this happen.

What do we mean by Competence?Math (the great equalizer) is a wonderful thing. Engineering, programming, and physics support skills that support families and a better world. Unfortunately, this kind of competence, alone, doesn't guarantee financial success or even happiness. There are other competencies that open the door to self sufficiency and those money making competencies. Without emotional intelligence and a few very basic practical competencies, a great education is wasted. Conversely, with a few basic competencies, other competencies are more easily gained. We believe critical thinking, assertive communication, teaming, problem-solving, and goal management form an essential foundation. We especially believe these competencies combined with community support will make the difference. We are building those learning components now.

The KeelWorks Secret Ingredient Knowledge is essential, but it need a little help to effect change. A community of peers fighting the same fight, walking the same road can make a huge difference in outcomes. It is hard to do a great thing alone. We are building the structure to support small facilitated groups of web-connected peers, all following a similar path with transparency in both goal and progress. Networking intelligence and lessons learned is our secret to success. Teammates grow and progress. They support each other. They respect and trust each other. No one wants to be left behind.

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The KeelWorks Approach Engage - assess - build competencies - peer support.
  1. Foster interdependence (one step above independence).
  2. Leverage peer-power.
  3. Sell the dream - build excitement.
  4. Begin with a firm individual commitment and buy-in to change.
  5. Value equity, diversity, leadership, teaming, and emotional maturity.
  6. Collect and share lessons learned.
  7. Teach the complementing value of individual strengths and weaknesses.
  8. Include everyone in everything.
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