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The KeelWorks Foundation What is KeelWorks? KeelWorks is a non-profit, and currently all-volunteer, 501(c)(3)-approved foundation. KeelWorks is dedicated to changing the world through increased personal competencies. Each of us are underachieving in some way.

We start by establishing competence in ten core areas, including problem-solving, communication, team-building, self-determined identity, and personal learning strategies.

The KeelWorks mission is to bring the disengaged into action, tapping enormous potential. We incite the thrill of learning through networked intelligence.

KeelWorks honors diversity and has no religious or political affiliation.
The KeelWorks Approach Engage - assess - build competencies - peer support.
  1. Foster interdependence (a step above independence).
  2. Leverage peer-power.
  3. Sell the dream - build excitement.
  4. Include only the committed.
  5. Value citizenship, diversity, leadership, teaming, and emotional maturity.
  6. Leverage combined community knowledge.
  7. Teach trust through recognition of strengths and appreciation for value in weaknesses.
  8. Include everyone in program development, including learners.
Why KeelWorks?
  • Core competencies counter dependency.
  • The world can't afford to lose potential.
  • Enabling change has exponential benefits.
  • By helping the marginalized, we help ourselves.
  • Our approach is unlike any other.

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